Stop tree roots in pipes and drains!

Vaporooter is specialised technology that stops tree roots in drains and pipes and prevents further tree root damage. Some of our customers worry about tree roots crushing or blocking their sewer pipes.

They suspect trouble because they either have trees in the garden or their neighbour does. Others have experienced a blockage in the pipes; they see water backing up out of the toilet or sewer pipes or hear a gurgling sound when they’re in the shower. So they suspect tree roots to be the culprit.

They may be right, and the best way to find out for sure is to eliminate guesswork. The way we do that is by inserting a special waterproof camera into your pipes to confirm the health of your pipe system.

The camera will show any potential tree roots growing inside the pipe’s line. If tree roots are confirmed as the cause, our technicians will answer any questions you might have about our Vaporooter technology.

Our technology is designed to stop the roots from growing into your pipes again and causing further damage. Your other option is to cut the trees. If you’d like to keep the trees, then our technology will train the tree roots not to grow inside your sewer pipes and drains.

Vaporooter only kills tree roots, not trees and plants

Using this technology, you can still enjoy the lush green trees in your garden, and we will protect your pipes. Provided that we treat your pipes using Vaporooter before the tree roots get way out of control causing some serious damage to your pipes, we can often prevent costly plumbing repairs.

We also give our customers a 12-month Guarantee: “If your drains have a blockage caused by tree roots within twelve months of being treated with Vaporooter, we will gladly clear the blockage for FREE.”

This generous guarantee obviously doesn’t cover collapsed or broken pipes – or objects like nappies, shoes and bowling balls! We hope you understand.

All our boys are fully trained certified applicators. They are experienced plumbers trained in the correct treatment of plumbing drains and pipes.

Contact us now to arrange for a preliminary inspection of your pipes to determine the best way to solve your pipe blockage, quickly and efficiently.

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