Keep these trees away from your sewer pipes!

Some folks are begging for trouble.

They often ignore the fact that planting trees close to sewer pipes can spell trouble. Perhaps not right away but tree roots depend on water for survival. Tree roots are very persistent, and they will search for any trace of moisture they can find. Planting trees too close to plumbing pipes is not recommended.

If you have faulty, cracked or broken sewer drains or pipes, then it may be only a matter of time before tree roots exploit the opportunity. Tree roots can be very aggressive, and some species of trees can cause some serious damage to your plumbing.

We recommend that you take a good look around your backyard to make sure that suspect trees are not too close to your sewer pipes and drains.

What species of trees should you pay special attention to?

While most tree roots may present a threat to sewer pipes, some are especially dangerous. For example:

The following trees should not be planted closer than 5 metres from your sewer pipes:

Durant Teatree
Wattle / Acacia Yellow Throat

These trees should be planted at least 10 metres away from sewer pipes:

Cypress Ash
Barberry / Berberis
Christmas Bush
Crepe Myrtle
Ebony Tree
Flame Tree
Irish Strawberry
Lilly Pilli
Silver Leaved Mountain
Weeping Pittosporum

The following trees are not recommended for planting:

Athel Tree
Brush Box
Camphor Laurel
Chinese Hawthorn
Coral Trees
Liquid Ambar Magnolias
Mango Tree Oleander
Pepper Tree
Flowering Crabs
Rubber Tree
Silky Oak
Tipuana Tree
Umbrella Tree
White Cedar Willow Wisteria
The cost of doing nothing

If you’re considering planting the above in your garden then make sure they are not planted too close to your sewer pipes – they’re a threat!

What if the tree roots are already causing a problem?

We use special technology to help you stop tree roots in pipes and drains. The beauty of this technology is that it kills the tree roots that are in the pipes without killing the tree. This is a great option for those customers who suspect tree roots in their pipes but don’t want to harm the tree.

Yes, you can still enjoy the beautiful and magnificent trees!

Contact us to learn more.

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