How to prevent tree root damage to your sewer pipes

If you have trees growing in your area, and you worry about your plumbing, then your worries may be warranted. Tree roots can dislodge concrete walkways, and they may also cause serious plumbing damage.

As soon as the water begins to leak out of your pipes, it won’t be long for tree roots to crowd around your faulty pipes looking for ways to get in. Once they get in, they grow and expand rapidly.

A simple solution is to cut the trees. Provided that tree roots will die with the tree, you should be able to solve your tree root nightmares. While this may sound like an easy way out, it’s probably not a sensible one–we need trees.

Cutting the suspect trees may not be possible since the trees may be on council land or your neighbour’s property. According to this source some tree roots have been reported to grow to over 33 feet (10 meters), and another to a depth of 174 feet (53 meters). So even if you have no trees directly on your land, you may still have a tree root problem.

So if you can see trees close by then, chances are their roots are hugging your pipes scooping for faults and tiny cracks, looking for a way to get in.

If cutting the tree is not possible or sensible, then consider replacing old plumbing pipes with new PVC or UPVC pipes. We also recommend pressure seals, as they tend to last longer. Compaction of backfill around plumbing works may also help you prevent root growth. While this is a great option, it may set you back some thousands of dollars. So it’s not a cheap option.

Alternatively you may consider our cutting-edge stop-tree-roots Vaporooter technology that is designed to stop roots without killing the tree. That’s exactly what most of our customers want – remove the problem, not the tree.

Vaporooter is a revolutionary pipe treatment that stops tree root blockages in pipes and drains and prevents further tree root damage to your plumbing works. Our technology is safe for children, pets and plants, and it has been in use for more than 40 years so you can rest assured knowing that it works.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you stop tree roots in drains!

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