Are tree roots clogging your drainpipes?

Trees provide us with the oxygen we need to enjoy life.

They inhale pollution and puff out clean oxygen, and all they ask in return is some sunlight and a bit of water.

Sounds like a fair deal to me.

But if you live too close to them, then they may come knocking on your sewer pipes–especially if they smell some moisture.

Of course, you won’t hear them knocking because our green friends are masters of disguise! While you sleep, tree roots are moving under your driveway, by your bedroom window all the way to your sewer pipes.

If you think this sounds like a horror movie, then relax. They aren’t after you my friend; they just want to get to your pipes! And if a friendly knock won’t get them invited then they may rip their way inside causing some serious damage. Water means survival and discovering your sewer pipes is like locating a pub where all drinks are on the house.

Of course, tree roots just keep growing and expanding and dominating the little space in your sewer pipes to the point of blocking them and even crushing them.

How do you know when tree roots are clogging your drainpipes?

If you live close to large trees and smaller trees with deep roots, and you can smell a bad whiff coming from the sink or toilet, that may be a sign. You see, a foul sewer pipe smell is often an early warning sign that something is brewing in your sewer pipes.

Another sign is water backing up out of the toilet or sewer pipes, or if you hear a gurgling sound when you’re in the shower; that means your sewer pipes are getting a little overwhelmed.

The poor things do such a noble job of transporting away your dirty water, but sometimes they need some love.

If you suspect trouble, and you have trees in the area (even small ones) then give us a call – we will come down and inspect your sewer pipes.

As soon as tree roots enter your pipes, they divide rapidly.

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